Two New Friends in My Fairy Garden

by | Oct 9, 2020

This morning I was delighted to see two new friends in my fairy garden; can you guess who they might be? I will give you a couple of clues: they both can fly; one is known for their laugh, while the other is an honorary fairy, although a wren. Did you guess that my two new friends were a kookaburra and a fairy wren? Yes? You are perfectly correct! I first spotted Kerrick, the Kookaburra. He was perched on top of the fairy door, looking over the nest of eggs that were secretly left at the door’s threshold the week before. I was wondering if they were his eggs? Then I later discovered, the kookaburra usually has a clutch of three white eggs. In my nest, there are six, so maybe the fairies had delivered the clutches of two Kookaburra families? Kerrick seemed to be very protective of the nest, watching over them, even after I left. Then, hidden in the branches of the thuja tree, I found another nest, and a bright blue-coloured superb fairy wren. By his bright plumage, I could tell that my new friend was a male. He secretly told me that his name was Flynn. Carefully, he sat on the edge of the nest, looking over the eggs. It was a beautiful sight to see. Did you know that male fairy wrens sing to the eggs? When the eggs finally hatch, the chicks remember the song. After watching for a while, I left my new friends alone in the garden. Stay in touch with me and learn about my latest adventures in the garden by subscribing to my newsletter. And if you enjoy building and making objects for nature spirits, consider joining my circle called The Wonder Weavers on Facebook.

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