The Sturt’s desert pea fairy short video

by | Jan 8, 2024

In this blog I share a short I made recently called The Fairy of Sturt’s Desert Pea. The video is about a shy fairy who belongs to the Sturt’s Desert Pea family. Sturt’s Desert Pea is an Australia native plant. It’s latin name is Swainsona formosa and is endemic to semi-arid and arid areas of my country. The pea is the emblem of South Australia, the state where I live, and it’s Aboriginal name is Ngooringa.

I created and produced the short using the ancient technique, shadow play. I’ve been learning about this art form this year from Noe Arata, a talented paper cutter from Argentina. You can watch the play by clicking on the link below.

Can you spot him? Watch him as he meets and plays with butterflies.

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