Painting Augie’s Wombat

by | Jan 14, 2021

Recently I painted in my fairy journal an image I have called Augie’s Wombat. The painting features a
fairy baby and a wombat, an Australian marsupial. I love Nature and spend much time
watching wildlife as well as reading about them. In my fairy journal, I then like to
create illustrations of the good folk interacting with animals and birds. Fairy journal is a relaxing pastime, which helps us to tap into our imaginations. When we actively use our imagination, we feed our body, mind, heart and spirit, I believe.

Who inspired Augie’s Wombat?

The fairy baby was inspired by a little one close to my heart: my youngest nephew. I
drew inspiration from a photograph taken by his mum and my sister, who is a talented
photographer. Meanwhile, the wombat was inspired by my nephew’s nickname; he is affectionately known as a Wombat.

Augie’s connection to the adorable Australian animal has been present since his birth.
In some ways, he shares experiences and qualities of his animal friend. Augie was
born premature. After his abrupt arrival, he loved to cling to his mum in the
carrier, his pouch. Baby wombats too like to hid in pouches. Wombats give birth to
live but undeveloped young. Once born, the baby crawls into a pouch and there he or she stays until they are around seven months old. The wombat is very clever and playful. There are gorgeous videos on YouTube, which show baby orphaned wombats playing games with their human carers.

Our little human wombat has been a blessing to our family. Painting Augie’s Wombat in my fairy journal has been a source of joy.

About the painting

Augie’s Wombat was painted on 300gsm watercolour paper, using a fairly limited colour palette,
including indigo, payne’s grey, copper magnesium, burnt umber and raw sienna.

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