Fairy Houses For Winter

by | May 6, 2021


Last week, a magical idea for winter popped into my mind, thanks to a beautiful book I found at a local bookstore. The book is called A Flower Fairies Journal: Return of Old Friends. It features Cicley Mary Barker’s letters, sketches and illustrations. They are woven into a charming short story that relates how Cicley took care of a tiny fairy visitor. As I have shared before on the blog, I am a big fan of Cicley Mary Barker’s work and her creative process has inspired my own. Now, as winter descends here in Australia, this enchanting journal has inspired me to begin making little fairy houses for winter. I am sure that my all of my friends, including the geranium, iris, lavender, daisy and marigold fairies, will need shelter in the coming months.

 A fairy house design

Since reading the journal, I have begun to sketch possible designs for my houses in my fairy journal. While Cicley’s miniature house was made from twigs, leaves and twine. So far, I have decided to gather materials from my garden. I will also include the windows from the Kaiser Enchanted Flourish Pack.

Graphite sketch of a miniature fairy house by Lisa Dunbar Solas

Graphite sketch of a miniature fairy house

The journal includes some wonderful ideas for furnishing a fairy house. I especially like using a thimble as a water container.

Unfortunately, A Flower Fairies Journal: Return of Old Friends is not currently available from the Book Depository or Amazon. However, Fairyopolis: A Flower Fairy Journal is still available from Amazon.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t read Cicley’s beautiful works yet, I highly recommend The Complete Book of Flower Fairies. The book is available from the Book Depository and also Amazon.

If you are making fairy houses for winter or for another season, I would love to hear from you. Connect me with on Instagram and tag me in your photos. I look forward to sharing my creations with you soon!

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